Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great 4th! Me and Chris are just kicking back and relaxing.

Were not going to go see the fireworks tonight, so we celebrated America's Birthday with a very patriotic breakfast, red, white and blueberry waffles with some grapes thrown in for fun. What did you do to celebrate to 4th?

I also took some pictures this morning...

I guess you could say these are my after pictures. After meaning: losing 107 pounds. I haven't posted any of the before pictures yet but I will once I steal some from my parents computer. I'm thinking next time we go over to my parents place, so don't forget to remind me Mom. 

And here's the guy who supported me all along the way and always thought I was beautiful, and never stopped reminding me. Even when I sometimes forgot. Love ya sweetie!

Top five moments of the day
  1. Waking up with the man I love.
  2. Yummy breakfast.
  3. Driving with the windows rolled down.
  4. Finished reading a book.
  5. Spending time with my parents and introducing them to the wonderful world of gelato.
  6. Ok I know I said my top five but technically the days not over with. So as the sun is taking it's bow and the city turns quiet in anticipation for tonight's show I'm reminded that life is pretty good.

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