Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mini Adventures

You may not believe this but I am trying to get better about posting. Lately I've been uninspired and tired. I should be pleased at how green everything is getting but the back and forth between cold, not so cold, rainy, and then sunny is making me wish old mother nature would make up her mind on whether it's spring or summer. However, Chris and I did fit in a couple adventures between the thunderstorms, which were lovely and made up for indecisive nature.

Oh and I guess I should do another introduction. Chris is my boyfriend, and we've been together for a little over eight years. Crazy how time flies. He's funny, sweet, strong, he's my rock, one of my best friends, and what can I say he's my guy! And I love my guy!

It must have been a few weeks ago that we went up to Red Lodge for a hike, but I don't remember for sure. By the way I have terrible memory and don't retain much beyond a few days let alone a few weeks but I'm working on that. So dates and names, I don't do so well with.  

Anyway from what I do remember, it was sunny and beautiful the air was crisp and the remnants of winter still stood their ground. The hike was great there was no one for miles and miles we had it all to ourselves. It was a good day!

Ahhh... the happy couple! I just realized he's not smiling in any of these well I'll change that.

There we go... That's the smile I love!

Ok, so if Red Lodge was a few weeks ago then the cave was two weeks ago?? Yep two weeks ago! So we went and saw the pictograph cave that was right out side of Billings. It was really fascinating to see. There's over 106 pictographs throughout the cave, although some have worn away over time. Archaeologists also found stone and bone tools, pottery shards, and other artifacts dating around 3000 b.c to 500 a.d. Amazing, I love history and standing in place where people once stood thousands of years ago was really a mind opener.

Well that's all that I got for now, with the anticipated warm weather approching hopefully I'll get my stride back and I'll find inspiration in all sorts of places.

Till next time...

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