Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The right time, the perfect time, the only time, forgotten time... How do we judge our lives accordingly? I find myself constantly asking the question when. When will I reach my goal, when will I have enough money, when will I find time to be alone and create. I often feel my life is stalled, as if I'm wadding in the ocean but the tide never washes me away. I want to be consumed, I want to be bombarded with life, instead I'm stuck between the old me and the new me. Held back partly of my own doing and of circumstances, insecurities, money, responsibility, and time.

My goal one day is to be my own boss, to create and be inspired everyday, to set my own time, and to live the life I want. Everyday I take a step closer, inching my way to my dreams. It helps to remind myself of all I've accomplished and how close I am to my goals, but sometimes when your stuck at your 8-5 Mon-Fri day job and all you want to do is be creative no amount of  reminders can help. One of my biggest problems comes about at said day job, all of a sudden I'll have some creative inspiration for a new painting or drawing or piece of jewelry but there's nothing I can do about it. By the time I get home there's a million other things to do and all of my creative energy has flown out the window. How inconvenient my creativity is when I don't have time on my side. So you will know how delighted I was the other weekend when I had a spark of inspiration and I had time to put it to some use. The end result relief... Ahhhhhh finally creative satisfaction. The following drawing was created using charcoal, pen and marker on canvas.

the next few are close ups. 

Well I guess it's time for me to go, till next time....

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