Monday, April 12, 2010

Riverfront Park

This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to check out another park. Riverfront Park is located just south of Billings and is full of discovery. Great for joggers, bikers, fellow wanderers, and people who don't mind going of the trail. We wanted to explore the many trails in the undeveloped natural areas. Which meant that we sorta kinda of got lost but we found our way. It wasn't perfect weather but we managed and it's still a bit dreary but we could see hints of the new life coming through everywhere.

This was at the beginning of our walk I can't wait until these trees sprout new life.

Ooooo ... I wonder where this will lead?

This reminded me of the fork in the road; it's amazing what force winter has on even the strongest trees.

What's this, could it be,  finally signs of spring????

Do you know that feeling when you see something out of the corner of your eye and for a moment you're afraid to look. Well that happened to me; all of a sudden there it was, it looked to be an archway to some fantastical place maybe into a Brother's Grimm fairy tale. It was just perfect; it took every ounce of me not to crawl right in. It actually reminded me of one of my favorite movies Pan's Labyrinth. 

I hope I can find this spot again when it's lush and green it would be a real treat to see the difference.

Here's a close up.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend, I got taken out a date from my sweetie, I caught up with an old friend and went on a little adventure. Hopefully this week will go by fast and I can have another great weekend. 

Till next time.

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