Friday, April 23, 2010

Feature Friday!

One of the best parts about spring and summer is the shedding of ones clothes... both literally and figuratively. spring is a symbol of renewal and new beginnings. In summer we bath in the light and warmth of the sun; and become stronger for it. It's all about being new and being you.

Spring and summer is an excellent time to show off new fashions; I myself am a newcomer to the fashion world and for the first time in my life I'm looking forward to finding new ways of expressing myself through art and of course fashion. I've always gone for the comfortable look, not necessarily by choice but rather a lack of self confidence. While perusing the many incredible artists on Etsy I've been overwhelmed by the talent and the creativity that these artist share. I have an ever growing wish list of wants and I wanted to share them with all of you. I decided to create Feature Fridays where I can share some of the wonderful artists on Etsy.

So without further adieu my first Feature Friday: I have always been a fan of the all to comfortable T-shirt, now some may say that a regular t-shirt isn't fashion forward but I beg to differ. The following artists prove that you don't have to sacrifice comfortable for fashion. If I could I'd have closet full of these wonderful tees I would and hopefully one day I will. There unique, fun, and exciting, but don't take my word for it take a look for yourself.

Missing You shirt by idea2lifestyle

Yellow sunflower T-shirt by nikacollection

Shredded TShirt Dress by UrbanRevisions 

Skull Black and Yellow burnout V-neck by
Magnolia Secretary Blouse by MoxieMadness
  Blood Red Off shoulder top by larimeloom
Well I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell and be sure that there will be new features every week (well hopefully every week). 
Till next time...


  1. I wish you luck on your fashion quest! It's quite liberating when you wear what you want. Thanks so much for featuring my blouse. Have a great weekend!! :)