Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pearl Weather

Good morning to all, I have a few new listings in my shop and I though I share one with you. It's a new necklace called Pearl Weather.

One day a single rain drop came down. No ordinary rain drop it hemmed and hawed and finally and I might add lazily began it's fall down to earth.

Now, where as normal rain would not mind racing each other to the end and seep delicately into the appreciative soil to begin a new journey. This particular rain drop seemed wary of said new journey and being no ordinary rain drop, when at long last it reached it's end it had decided that it would not be so sympathetic to the soil beneath.

And so it chose a different destiny; and like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly our little rain drop turned into an elegant pearl it swirled with the colors of the sky and stone of ashen purple and misty blue. The light shone off it so brightly that soon other rain drops took notice and followed; and one by one streams of pearls ran down from the sky.

Here's one more view!

Till next time.

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